Friday, 30 May 2014

Effective Management – Terminating Employment

An employee may leave a job for a variety of reason, such as:
  • Resignation
  • Dismissal
  • Redundancy / retrenchment
  • Retirement
  • Going overseas
  • Illness
  • Accepting another position
  • Personal commitments


            Organization generally requires notice of one week or more. The amount of notice to be given by either an employer or an employee will depend on the:
·        Circumstance of the termination
·        Length of service
·        Award conditions
·        Terms set out in the contract of employment

            There may be an official form to be filled out or you may write a letter indicating your intention, the effective finishing date and the reason for resignation, if required.

            Always endeavour to leave a position in “good grace”. In your future career you may need to make reference back to this employer.


            When a member of staff a guilty of misconduct and there is “just cause”, an employer has the right to dismiss that person. However, an employee has a right of appeal against such a decision.

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