Saturday, 31 May 2014

Human Resources Management – Performance Feedback

The evaluation of the performance of employees is an integral part of human resources management. Evaluation takes place after the appointment of employees to a position, as well as during and after training. It is an ongoing process by which an employer’s job performance is evaluated.

Role of performance appraisal

Job performance is appraisal for two main reasons:
  • Developmental purposes (to improve future performance)
  • Evaluation purposes (to form the basis of personnel decision making)
Development purposes

The main purposes include:
  • Ensuring that employees know what is expected of them
  • Directing employees’ efforts towards the organization’s objectives and goals, consequently leading to increased productivity and sound work practices
  • Measuring individual achievement and providing feedback to employees on how they are performing
  • Improving communication flow by providing an opportunity for management and employees to discuss and resolve any performance weakness, thus enabling employees to improve their performance
  • Improving planning of human resources and establishing area in which employees may need assistance of specific staff development to develop new skills which will enhance their performance
  • Identifying the potential of employees in regard to career opportunities
  • Improving morale and positive attitudes by providing the opportunity for management to acknowledge encourage and reward outstanding and good performance.
Evaluation purposes

The main purposes include:
  • Enabling employers to evaluate and keep of good and poor performances to assist in personnel decision making and to satisfy the requirements of legislation and regulation in accordance with Equal Employment Opportunity principle 
  • Providing feedback to employees on their job performance over the evaluation period.

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