Sunday, 18 May 2014

Premises layout

An organization may own its own building, or may lease. The premises may be especially designed and built to meet staff and accommodation requirements, or be an old building that has been refurbished.

            At the design stage of building, technology, trade and management consultants work together to consider the computer and internal and external telecommunications cabling required. The also plan for the security of the building access to external doors, car parks and lifts; and compliance with free and evacuation control standards.

List of office occupants

            Many organizations have a directory of occupants inside the entrance to the building. This includes useful information such as the floor and room number for offices or suites, as well as a names and positions of individuals occupying particular areas. The listing, which is usually in alphabet order, makes it easy for callers to find the person or section they need.


            Nameplates on door or desk identify the staff member to whom visitors and clients are speaking. They are also used to show the location of a particular work area or department.

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