Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Rights and Responsibilities – The Employer

The Employer’s rights

An employer has the rights to expect an employee to:
  • Be punctual
  • Carry out instructions and lawful directions
  • Perform duties with professionalism, honestly and integrity
  • Exercise reasonable care at all times
  • Conduct official dealings with co-workers and customers/clients in a fair and equitable manner
  • Be accountable for money and resources in his or her care
The employer’s responsibilities

Included in an employer’s responsibilities to an employee are the needs to:
  • Provide a safe workplace and follow guidelines as set out by the appropriate state authority in relation to occupational health and safety
  • Provide appropriate equipment to ensure that employees are able to carry out their work safety
  • Ensure fair practices In the workplace
  • Undertake, when required, a performance appraisal of an employee in an accurate, fair and unbiased manner
  • Understand the effect an employee’s personal difficulties may have on work behaviour and performance; also to offer assistance and encouragement when necessary
  • Evaluate performance and provide feedback
  • Disseminate information and communicate with employees
  • Provide advice and training
  • Abide by the conditions and wages as set out in the relevant award and subsequent variations

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