Thursday, 5 June 2014

Advantages and disadvantage of computer technology


Computer technology in the workplace provides:

-. A “speedy” aid to the way work is done
·   -. Jobs that are more varied, enjoyable and rewarding, thereby boosting staff morale reduction in drudgery when routine calculations and other repetitive jobs are undertaken
·     -. New career opportunities
·     -. New job titles
·     -. An increase in salary
·     -. A change in responsibility
·     -. Improved accuracy (if correct data has been keyed in by operator)
·     -. Increased efficiency and productivity
·     -. Improved customer relations
·     -. Competitiveness with other organizations
·     -. Instant “communication”


Computer technology in the workplace may result in:

·     -. Huge capital outlay on installation
·     -. Redundancy and job loss due to the need for fewer members of staff
·   -. Health problems such as occupational overuse syndrome and eye-strain if correct occupational health and safety procedures are not followed
·     -. Difficulties by some staff in adjusting to retraining

Computer Crime

            Because computers are able to hold and manipulate vast banks of data, computer security is one of the major issues facing organizations today. Systems linked to the Internet are vulnerable not only to people within an organization, but to anyone who is able to break the security system.

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