Friday, 13 June 2014

What is Customer Service?

Nothing promotes business for the organization like a satisfied customer. Costly media campaign can never complete with the value of recommendation made by a satisfied client. If a customer’s expectations have been realized or surpassed in a business deal, the word will be passed on.

Customer Service is looking after people who really need help.

What is quality customer service?
  • Meeting demands for quality products and services
  • Encouraging confidence in the goods and services provided
  • Understanding customer requirements and expectations
  • Exceeding the expectations of clients
  • Developing service standards (through staff training)
  • Ensuring staff are well presented, merchandise is attractively displayed and work area is tidy
  • Keeping up-to-date with new trends and products
  • Etc
             It has been said that “quality and politeness are free”. When a customer service is not satisfied, it can be very expensive to regain him or her business and rectify the error.

Service provider’s role

            The organization should be constantly alert to changes in products and changes in customers’ needs. There is wide scope for innovation and new approaches.

There should be:
  • Planning for promotional ideas
  • Implementation of technically sound improvements
  • Provision of correct information
  • Retention of credibility
  • Assurance to customers of their value to the organization

Type of Customer

            A customer database is a valuable resource. If you have been a long-standing client of an organization, you like to be remembered. When records are on computer, it is easy for:
  • A staff member to access details of past dealings with the company
  • Material and information on clients to be retrieved according to specified classifications
  • Promotional material to be targeted to particular client groups
 Identification of the types of customer is useful for planning in an organization.

Customer needs

            Sometime a survey is undertaken or a questionnaire is given to establish the sorts of things a customer is looking for. If the organization is made aware of the needs of customers, improvements and modifications can be made. Organizations conducting this sort of activity are keen to “lift their game” and perhaps meet, or beat, their competition.
            The manner in which questions are posed has a significant impact on the value of the responses. It is good practice to begin with general questions and work down to things that are more specific. A short questionnaire that requires simple response is more acceptable to a potential respondent than a questionnaire that requires long answers. It is also easier and less costly to analyse.

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