Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The impact of Technological change in management

Technological change has probably had the greatest impact. Change brought about by technological advances has occurred in many, if not all, areas of employment.

On Employers

            Employers take great care to choose equipment that is suitable for both current and future needs. In an office situation, they are generally keen for expensive electronic equipment to be used as much as possible for data handling and storage tasks, in order to increase productivity and efficiency.

            Management with a sincere concern for welfare keeps all staff members informed of future automation plans. They involve employees in decision making, and in discussing variations in management techniques and structure related to-change. They also ensure that appropriate training and retraining is made available and that correct ergonomic workplace and workstations are set up.

On Employees

            Technological change is accelerating the need to learn new skills many times during the course of a career. It is wise to look at this objectively and maintain a positive attitude to change.

            This technological change has resulted in positions being advertised under different title and often calling for specific computing skills.

Some of these titles, extracted from newspaper advertising, are:
  • Accounts Secretary, knowledge of Excel
  • Secretary – knowledge of spreadsheet and graphics required
  • Database administrator
  • Data entry operator
  • System analyst
  • Payroll specialist
  • Customer service officer (with computing skills)
  • Personal Assistant – Page maker essential
  • Etc.etc

Indications are that in the future highly skilled, computer literate, flexible individuals will be increasingly in demand.

Technology change has an impact on both employers and employees. Factor of technology also can bringing about change in the workplace.

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