Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Management of Stress

It is important for you to find the level of stress stimulates your productivity without causing any physical damage. If possible you should take action to remove the “factor” causing the stress. If this is not possible, then there are a number of ways or techniques that you can use to help manage stress, including the following:

Using relaxation techniques

            Relaxation techniques can be used to overcome stress by causing you to physically and mentally unwind. Physical relaxation can be achieved by “letting go” the tension in your muscles. Mental relaxation can be achieved by “blocking out” the thoughts which are causing the tension for a period of time each day.

Maintaining a correct diet

            A well-balanced diet in needed to supply your body with nutrients which will assist you when dealing with the adverse effects of stress.

Undertaking regular exercise

            Improve your physical fitness. Undergo a medical check-up and ascertain if there is any physical reason you cannot undertake regular exercise. If not, set about developing a program that appeals to you. Think movement “increase your activity”

Planning and Time Management

            Disorganization, lack of planning and the ineffective use of time management skills can lead to stress-related symptoms. Make certain that you establish your responsibilities, priorities and objectives and keep to you goals.


            If you find yourself in a managerial position, remember that the delegation of duties in an important part of reducing unnecessary stress. Being able to delegate is an essential tool in stress control.


            An effective way of reducing stress is talking to a good listener in the workplace about the work-related concerns you are experiencing.

Attending seminars/courses

            Stress management seminars/courses are available at in number of hospitals, clinics and community centres. Some organizations also run in-house programs on this subject.

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