Monday, 2 June 2014

Work Environment – Change in the Workplace

Workplace changes have been brought about many pressures. Employees need to keep their training and skills up-to-date. Computerization and organizational changes may mean that jobs become redundant and people need to look for new employment. This can be very stressful on both personal and business live.

Factor involved in change

            Factor which are bringing about changes in the workplace include technological developments, new legislation, shifts in people’s work patterns and attitudes, new approaches to management and local and global economic variations.


            The increase in computerization and other forms of automation has led to more specialization in the jobs that are available. It has also brought about a decline in the number of staff required in some areas.

            The methods for carrying out work in both industry and offices have changes and continue to change. An example of this is computerized accounting procedures that have done away with many of the basic clerical tasks. One large company using electronic data transfer has reduced that size of its accounting department from 15 to 3 members of staff.

            Training needs have changed a work becomes more highly skilled. New methods are quickly overtaken by newer ones. The rate of change is rapid, as new software is developed and hardware capacity continues to increase.

            The World Wide Web has transformed communication patterns on a global scale and is changing the way people buy and sell goods and services. Digital imaging allows improved pictures to be shown on computer screens, which means more effective advertising of products on the Internet. People on opposite sides of the globe can “chat” on the Internet for the cost of a local phone call, removing many of the limitation previously dictated by time and space.

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