Friday, 6 June 2014

Security of Information and Confidentiality

Advancing computer technology has enabled the setting up of large database containing personal details of individuals and politically sensitive information in organizations such as hospitals, banks, government authorities and private businesses.

It is essential that these details are kept confidential and secure to:

  • Ensure individuals have the right to privacy

  • Prevent computer files from being copied and sold to competitors

  • Protect politically sensitive information at government levels

Training of employees in security and confidentiality measures

            To maximize the security and confidentiality of data, consideration should be give to the following:

  • Shredding hardcopy when it is no longer required 
  • Using passwords for access to sensitive data 
  • Making staff aware, through staff development training programs, of the importance of maintaining privacy in relation to clients’ personal information and the organization’s business 
  • Screening, selecting and training suitable and trustworthy employees to access data 
  • Having appropriate supervision
  • Using external audit checks of financial transactions 
Ensuring that employees of federal departments and agencies comply with Information Privacy Principles.

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